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Mike Smith <>
To:                Art Jacobs <>
Cc:                Larry Hatch <>, Mr Murray Gibbs
<>, Mr Fred McKeller <>, Corky Walsh
<>, Leo Williams <>, Jim Calibro <>

Subject:        RE: Expulsion
Priority:        Normal        Date:        Tuesday, December 8, 2015 1:55 PM        Size:        27 KB

Ok art

The contract was not signed untill after the Orlando reunion And Leo and Dave and Bob had
checked and oked the contract. And the membership voted to yes go back to Boise.  After that
time when I returned home I went to finalize and ask Bob to send me the deposit check made out
to the Oxford Suites.  There was no reason to e-mail  Them because they were standing across
from me.
The EC is sooo tired of these writen in stone C&BL'S that we may vote to dump them and go to a
social club and rewrite cb&ls in tune with the true mission statement of finding members and
having a reunion and get out from under the rule  of Trump tit for tat bro
Mike Smith <>
To:                Art Jacobs <>
Cc:       <>, Murry Gibbs
<>, fred mckeller <>, Corky Walsh
<>, Leo (Short Round) Williams <>, Jim calibro

Subject:        Re: Expulsion
Priority:        Normal        Date:        Tuesday, December 8, 2015 2:20 PM        Size:        33 KB

You need to reread section 2 page 11 There is no mention of binding only if the member agrees
only that it would not be announced to the general association.

line 2 If a association member whom the EC has voted to expel the shall be allowed to petition
the EC and address the general association at the next business meeting.  If he would turn in the
password and account # I am pretty sure we would forgive him and reinstate him no problem.
Altho you don't believe it Yes Murry is expelled until next reunion.

Sent from Michael Smith
Art Jacobs <>
To:                Mike Smith <>
Cc:                Larry Hatch <>, Mr Murray Gibbs <gunnermadmur@neo.>, Mr Fred McKeller <>, Corky Walsh <>, Leo
Williams <>, Jim Calibro <>

Subject:        Re: Expulsion
Priority:        Normal        Date:        Tuesday, December 8, 2015 2:55 PM        Size:        37 KB

The C&BL’s were unanimously approved by the entire membership, and in place for two years.

You run afoul of them, get called on it, and your unilateral solution is to can them.

Real intelligent, real smart, real mature, and disrespectful of the entire membership who voted for
them. That’s a Trump move, not mine. Mine is to follow what’s been voted upon by all.

If that is your intent, to dissolve the C&BL’s, that is your right, BUT, put it in writing and submitted
to the EC at least 60 days in advance accordance with the C&BL’s. At least do that correctly.

Personally, you should only be in a social club because it’s all you can handle. You want to be
the big cheese but just do things your way. And, anyone who questions that is deemed your

After the Randy fiasco came to light after the Nashville reunion, the Association needed a
concrete policy. When followed, that procedure works.

You did not bring the Boise contract with you to Orlando because it hadn’t been written yet. All
you might have had was an old contract from the previous Boise reunion.

This is your third story on the contract:

1. I don’t need to do that, I’ve done this before.
2. Yes, they reviewed it, I just didn’t tell anyone, and those emails are gone.
3. Now, they saw one in Orlando so there wasn’t any email.

"…after you got home, you went to finalize…"

Finalize what? The contract? Are you saying that Leo and Bob did not see the final contract, only
the “draft” you say (I don’t believe it) you “showed” them in Orlando? Are you saying they each
spent the 30-45 minutes to read and study it while they were in Orlando.

You make up preposterous stuff, change the story when cornered, and then add even more
preposterous stuff.

“...The EC is sooo tired of these written in stone C&BL’s…”

1. Since when do you speak for the entire EC?
2. Are you saying that no EC member believes that our organization should be governed by a set
of policies and procedures to protect the Association’s money and reputation when it comes to
contracts, business transactions, and reunions?
3. The President’s job is to be in compliance with the C&BL’s, until, and only until the general
membership votes otherwise.

“…we may vote to dump…”

Only the general membership can vote for amendments, not just you, and not just the EC.

The general membership believes that the current C&BL’s are being followed and adhered to.
That’s what I am defending. When you want to just throw them out or do what you want to, that is
a Trump or Obama tactic.

You’re the one doing a Trump / Obama with the C&BL’s, not me.

Strive not to be a person of success.
Strive to be a person of value.

Art Jacobs, CEO
Valkyrie Consulting Group, LLC.
1021 Falling Leaf Circle
Brentwood, Tennessee
USA 37069-6216
Art Jacobs <>
To:                Mike Smith <>
Cc:       <>, Mr Murray Gibbs
<>, Mr Fred McKeller <>, Corky Walsh
<>, Leo (Short Round) Williams <>, Jim calibro

Subject:        Re: Expulsion
Priority:        Normal        Date:        Tuesday, December 8, 2015 3:08 PM        Size:        35 KB

If the EC votes to expel someone for cause, and the member agrees or does not want to fight it
(sensitive, embarrassing, etc.), the expulsion stands and only an announcement needs to be
made. This was written that way so dirty laundry isn’t public.

However, if the member disagrees with the vote for expulsion, that member has a right to
address the general membership and a vote be taken.

Murray wishes to do so, which is his right.

He may be in a "suspended state" as far as the EC is concerned, but he is not expelled until the
general membership votes.  

Forgive him? You should be asking him for his forgiveness for railroading him with an illegal
amendment. He has told you that his condition is that he wants to see the set of instructions /
agreement / expectations / contract with the new webmaster to make sure the integrity of the
website content is protected and historical information preserved. Even with how you have
treated him, he is protecting the Association’s information on the website.

Why you cannot do that simple thing, that simple business and professional thing to assure
Murray of a successful transition is what has hung this up.

Nothing seems to get through to you, so you’ll probably just do what you want.

Strive not to be a person of success.
Strive to be a person of value.

Art Jacobs, CEO
Valkyrie Consulting Group, LLC.
1021 Falling Leaf Circle
Brentwood, Tennessee
USA 37069-6216
To:                Mike Smith <>
Cc:      ,,,,,,,,

Subject:        Re: Fw: Done
Priority:        Normal        Date:        Wednesday, December 9, 2015 12:27 AM        Size:        11 KB

Mike & EC Members:

This is not about Art and I being on an ivory tower.  This is about C&BLs of the
15th Med Association. This is not about any higher education.  Any member that can read and
write can understand what is in the C&BLs

Now, when one becomes an OFFICER of the 15th Med Assn., he should be committed to
reading, studying and understanding the C&BLs.  We had the best Parliamentarian to interpret the
C&BLs, Art Jacobs.  What happen was that many of you on the EC didn't like Art or I confronting
Mike and Leo for not following the policies, procedures, processes & guidelines of the C&BLs.  
Your excuses and justifications were your LEGACIES and not
the protocol of your job descriptions and great guidelines in the C&BLs.  

The problem was you ignorance to the C&BLs.  Ignorance does not mean you are stupid. It means
that you did not familiarize yourselves with the C&BLs, because you didn't take the time to READ,
STUDY and UNDERSTAND what was in them.  You ASSUMED which was you big mistake.  Art
is very good at clarifying any part of the C&BLs if you don't understand it.  He has helped me on
many occasions which to me is a blessing.  What did you guys do at the 2015 Reunion EC
Meeting?  You threw Art under the BUS because you didn't like him confronting the errors
you made Mike.

Leo in not innocent either.  Leo being the President should have been the over riding priority
person to set you straight about following the C&BLs.  He didn't do that. WHY? Because he didn't
READ, STUDY or UNDERSTAND the C&BLs and he proved that when he called me on the
phone and told me not to worry about the C&BLs.  Dave Huser did the same thing.  Why are they
OFFICERS.  Where is their dedication to the Office they occupy & represent?  Where is your
dedication Mike?   

Art submitted 9 items 60 days prior to the Reunion to change on the C&BLs.  You could call them
loop holes to better describe them.  Now, nothing was sent to the EC about Parliamentarian Job
Descriptions or an Amendment to remove the VOTE from the Webmaster.  WHY?  Because it was
a secret to ambush Art and me.  Let's just call it an HIDDEN Agenda because Art and I was not
aware to these until the EC Meeting.

Let's talk about MILESTONES.  Can you claim any Mike or Leo?  You guys know me and I can
claim a lot of Milestones that I put in place and Art likewise.  Do I need to itemize them?  What are
yours Mike?  Just to name one that I did during the first year I was President.  I added another 500
members to the 200 when I became President.  The list goes on and on.  What do you plan to do
for the Association during you time as President?  OH!  Suspend an Outstanding
Member like me.  Get rid of Outstanding member like Art and the only justification you have is that
you EGO was insulted because you were caught not doing the right thing.

Let's talk about WEBSITE.  Larry Ash asked  me to help him out with the website
he was managing hosted by YAHOO.  It crashed because he stopped paying for it.  Luckily he
gave me the password to it and I was able to downloaded all the files to it before it crashed.  I
downloaded the Yahoo Website Developer to my computer.  I re-established it in less that
a month knowing nothing about a website.  I paid for it with my own money.  I paid for the File
Transfer Program to established it on a new hosting.  Well I have been paying for the File
Transfer Program yearly.  It started out at $27.95 and now it costs I believe $49.95 yearly.  Did I
forget I paid them figures twice because I had it on both my desktop and laptop. I paid for other
programs for the website and never asked for compensation.  I just requested later the
Association pay for the yearly cost of the website hosting at $4.95 a month.  Basically I
financed most of the costs of the website. I dedicated my time to it sometimes daily and surely
weekly.  Information on the website is the Heart and Soul of COMMUNICATION
to the members.  I don't claim to be the best at websites.

Ron Huether has it easy because all he has to do is copy what I have developed.  
Change to what he might think is better.  You must remember that Larry Ash laid out the
foundation and I build the IVORY TOWER.  You have the audacity to say it Sherman's old
website.  You are really lost knowing not the truth of it.  I have had so many compliments from
members about the website.  It is simple and easy to navigate and it surprises me that many of our
EC Members don't access it like they should.

Mike, I disagree with what you believe to suspend me.  You will get my rebuttal and this is just a
part of it.  The Membership will also get the information from me about this suspension with all the
data to prove my points.

Scriptures!  You don't like me using scriptures in my emails.  The DEVIL doesn't like that either.  
When the Devil confronted Jesus in the desert, Jesus used scriptures on him.  Well, a Christian
can use stories or scriptures from the BIBLE (KJV only) to prove a point. If that hits home then you
need to take a good look at yourself.  Minister or not we all have our struggles according to
Romans, Chapter 7.  The struggle of 2 natures!  The King James Version was canonized
over 400 years ago by 47 biblical scholars with educations greater than most who have a masters
or doctors degree.  If you are using an HIV, RSV, ESV, NWT, etc bible than you using a bible copy
righted by the United States Government.  That makes them counterfeit bibles because 20 % or
more must be change to get a copy right to make money.  Now that falls under Timothy Chapter 6,
verse 10. (The love of money is the route of all evil).  

I read and study only the KJV.  Now would you believe that when the KJV was canonized in 1611
the English they were using is the same English we speak now.  GOD used the old English to
designate his copy right.  Anytime you change GODs word in the Bible you lower it's meaning.  
Read the book by DR Stauffer called "ONE BOOK, ONE AUTHORITY." It is 888 pages long.  Oh!
Did I forget you are an ordained minister and should know about this.  I am just a laymen in the
word and if I am ordained it is not by the state of OHIO or IDAHO, it is by GOD thru Jesus Christ.  
Jim Calibro is a Christian and I know he knows what I am talking about. Am I boring you with this?  
Only because you detested the Scriptures, the WORDS of GOD that I referenced.  You need to
read Romans, Chapter 1, Verse 16.  I could go on but what would that prove if you detest the
Scriptures I point out.  

If you or Leo feel slanted by what I have typed then the effect is greater than the cause.  If you be
the CAUSE and the EFFECT then you are in the MESS you CREATED.

Murray,  Detesting the SUSPENSION

Past President 2003-2006
15th Med Association
Murray Gibbs
Medevac 67-68
Cell: 330-565-4577
Mike Smith <>
To:                murry gibbs <>
Cc:      ,,,,,,,

Subject:        RE: Fw: Done
Priority:        Normal        Date:        Wednesday, December 9, 2015 1:25 AM        Size:        27 KB

Well Murray nice rant.
I for one and the EC are more than tired of the C&BL'S police bantering on who is right and who is
wrong.. who cares?just the C&BL'S police.  The C& BL'S will be dumped at the next reunion and
condensed and revamped to fit our mission statment. What has been going on for over a year is
rediculoius. The C&BL'S have caused nothing but hard feelings and hatred.  I guess it is all my fault
because I trained leo in 1969 but it will end at the next reunion. We are three rams butting heads and
we all are getting head aches.  You still dont realize I am following the wishes of the EC I have no
vote and cant make a motion. You have been shooting at the messenger.  I am absolutly done till the
next reunion.  There will be no further comunication from me or any of the rest of the Ex committee
To:                Mike Smith <>
Cc:      ,,,,,,,
Subject:        RE: Fw: Done
Priority:        Normal        Date:        Wednesday, December 9, 2015 9:50 AM        Size:        13 KB


Doesn't anyone know how to say UNCLE.  

If Art and I are thorns in you side
and the EC Members expect you to do
something that is not in the C&BLs,
then why are all of you OFFICERS.

You trashed the C&BLs when Art & I
confronted you with it.  You and Leo
did it also at the Reunion.  

You guys are in a CLUB HOUSE
Management Society Already.  A lot of
relationship but 0 task accomplishments.

This will be finished when I address
the total membership.

Have you noticed that nobody has come
to your defense.  I mean EC Members.


Past President 2003-2006
15th Med Association
Murray Gibbs
Medevac 67-68
Cell: 330-565-4577
Page 12
The C&BLs will be dumped,
circumventing procedures in
the C&BLs to do that.  Mike
is acting like a dictator.