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A - Transfer of Domain
B - The 2015 Reunion
C - Prior 2015 Reunion
Gentlemen!  This word document will bring to light many things that have transpired pertaining to the
3 categories above by individual.  

Transfer of Domain - Leo insulted me when he called Art Jacobs to get me Murray Gibbs to
transfer the domain.  He also insulted me by not contacting the Executive Committee to inform me of
Huey Productions request.
Reunion - Leo insulted what is written in the C&BL's regarding a quorum needed to have a EC
Meeting.  I read from the C&BL's that we didn't need past President Fred Mc Kellar to replace Art
Jacobs who did not attend.  
Leo insulted Art Jacobs by saying he talks above our heads and Art was not there to defend himself.  
Leo insulted me when he read only my job description in the EC meeting and NOT any other EC
Leo insulted me again in the Annual Business meeting by reading just my job description and not the
Officer/s who didn't follow them.  Leo trashed our C&BL's when he allow another Association/s
C&BL's to determine whether an appointed Officer has a vote or not.  It is like he letting  Sharia Law
and Court System  dictate how the 15th Med Association is supposed to be ran.

NOTE: in the C&BL's
Section 3.  Membership Categories:

Charter Member. The title Charter Member shall be conferred upon those individuals
who    either formed the 15th Medical Battalion Association or joined the Association before 18 April
1998, and are members in good standing with the Association. A Charter Member has full voting
rights and privileges at Annual Business Meetings or Special Business Meetings.
Member. The title Member shall be conferred upon those individuals who are dues-current
and in good standing with the Association. A Member has full voting rights and privileges at Annual
Business Meetings or Special Business Meetings.
Life Member. The title Life Member shall be conferred upon all Charter Members or those
Members who have paid their Life Membership dues and are in good standing with the Association. A
Charter Life Member or Life Member has full voting rights and privileges at Annual Business Meetings
or Special Business Meetings.

Prior 2015 Reunion - Leo you had so many short comings that I don't need to mention them all.  
Here is just a few.  One time on the phone you told me that the Reunion in Orlando cost you $6,000
and another time you told me $4,000.  One of these is a lie if not both.
You really insulted me when you told me to forget about the C&BL's because we are just a bunch of
good old guys who want to have a good time. I could go on and on but what good would that do. "You
are who you are."
Transfer of Domain - Dave is clean here
 Reunion - Dave insulted Art Jacobs and me indirectly when you said after Leo said that Art talks
over our heads.  "Art treats us like kids." I found myself defending Art after that statement.  
Prior 2015 Reunion - Dave called me one time and he told me the same thing the Leo told me.  
Don't worry about the C&BL's, we are just a bunch of good old guys who want to have a good time.  
After that insult I let Dave know why he is an Officer of the Association and all the details.
Transfer of Domain - Corky insulted me with his email about the transfer of domain by
mentioning to detail about the reimbursement of the website cost.   He is right about it.  So what!
Reunion - Corky insulted me with his incompetence of not knowing the C&BL's.  He told me that
the C&BL's says that the Webmaster does not have a vote.  He repeated it several times pointing
down at the table.
Prior 2015 Reunion - Corky was able to help me out with the Treasurer's address.  I didn't want
to sent out the Registration Forms with the wrong address since Dave Huser had moved.
Transfer of Domain - Jim just sent me an email requesting the transfer of the domain.
Reunion - Jim insulted me and the C&BL's by saying it had loopholes in it.  I asked him where
and his reply was "I don't know what they are but the new Parliamentarian would find them."  
Jim used to be a Police Officer.  He had to know traffic laws, penal code and engagement policy,
etc.  I don't believe that he would say the Internal Affairs would figure out what is mentioned above.   
I know that when Jim did his job he never said there was loopholes in what he was doing.  
LOOPHOLES in the C&BL's is a vague statement when you don't know what or where they are.  Art
Jacobs the current Parliamentarian at the time had spelled them out more than 2 months prior to the
Reunion.  Jim, you had them in your hand and due to your scotoma you could not see them.  
Prior 2015 Reunion - Jim did inform me of things that seem not to be right.  I thanked him for
that.  He even mentioned that I was trying to insure protocol was followed in the C&BL's.
Transfer of Domain - I believe Larry unknowingly insulted me by saying in his email I refused
to transfer the domain.  He is listening to other EC Members that don't have it right.
Reunion - Larry was unaware of the hidden agenda of some of the EC Members.  He will do
what is right and stick to his guns.
Prior 2015 Reunion - Larry being new to the EC was quiet and didn't know exactly what his job
functions was.
Transfer of Domain - Art was contacted by Leo on his phone.  He wanted Art to get a hold of
me to do the transfer.  Art is no longer a member of the EC.  He is my TRUSTED Friend and it is
not his job to do that.  Leo calling Art was an insult to me and the EC.
B.)  Reunion - Art didn't attend the 2015 Reunion due to personal reasons.  Art was
thrown under the BUS by some of the EC Members when it was stated that Bob Mc
Kinley was going to be the new Parliamentarian.
Prior 2015 Reunion - Art being the Parliamentarian insured that the C&BL's were be
followed when Officers were not following them.  Art supported what I was sending out to
the EC Members with great detail.  Art's dedication  in checks & balances to safeguard
the C&BL's, the Association and membership assets were ignored.  Art took great effort
to put professionalism in the Association and the 2015 Reunion and it was ignored.
Transfer of Domain - Mike insulted me by contacting Art Jacobs about the transfer of domain.  
Mike is the President of the Association and it is his job to get the EC Members together to address
this transfer.  When EC makes their decision then they contact me with an email from Mike Smith
with all EC Members emails copied in.  Since Mike got Art involved, Art's email should be copied in
along with Ron Huether.  
Mike you insulted me by sending another email to Art saying you Honored me by offering
Webmaster.  You mentioned that Ron Huether is the new Webmaster.  In an early email months
ago you appointed Leo Williams as webmaster.  Now it is Ron who hasn't attended a Reunion
since 2000.  BTW, Ron didn't not fly Medevac 68-69.  I spoke with him on the phone just lately and
it was 70-71 he flew as a pilot.  You need to get your facts right.
6 viruses on that thumb drive is hard to believe.  Why didn't anyone contact me about them if there
were.  I could clean up my computer and the website so nothing else gets infected. That is not
important to you!
Reunion - Mike you insulted me when you told me I had too much power.  Is that why you got
rid of Art Jacobs.  You also said that I would be on the EC almost forever and the EC was taking
my VOTE away.   What about the Secretary & Treasurer?  They fall in the same area as I do
Let's take a look at TOO MUCH POWER!  If I and Art have TOO MUCH POWER it is not because
we were Officers of the EC.  It is due to the fact of our education that we have greater
KNOWLEDGE, SKILL & ABILITY shown through our PERFORMANCE that you see as TOO
Art last year, 2014 make 5 million dollars with  5 or 6 employees.  Too Much Power!
I, Murray Gibbs starting earning 6 digit income in 1992 ($139,000) until I retired in 2006.  Too Much
Prior 2015 Reunion - Mike you failed to follow the protocol of your Reunion Chairman's job
description.  I called you on it several times and your reply was your precious LAGACY.  Art even
sent you an email regarding the right thing to do.  You brushed Art off like he didn't know what he
was saying.  If anybody knows what they are saying it is Art Jacobs over the rest of the EC
Members put together.  

Mike I could spell out all your short coming, but what good would it do.  One must learn to humble
themselves to learn the correct way to do things.  You finally admitted you didn't have a copy of the
C&BL's.  Now that is hard to believe.  Art has sent them to you and I posted them on the website
after the 2013 Reunion.  We don't need any excuses or justifications from the person who is going
to be our next President.  We need a man who is going to lead and set good examples and do what
is in the best interest of the 15th Med Assn.
Gentlemen please have in your Heart to forgive me if I have stepped on anyone toes.
I forgive all of you and that frees me from the past events.
NOW, this is what I expect out of the EC with Mike Smith being the leader for me to transfer the
1.)  Send me an email of the Association's request with all EC Members copied in on it.  Include
also Art Jacobs since you got him involved and also Ron Huether.   I need to be indemnified in
case something goes wrong.
2.)  Please clarify those 6 viruses that were on that thumb drive.  I would like to know their names,
what cold remedy given to isolate, quarantine  & eradicate them.   Mike, if you would have never
mentioned the 6 viruses I would not require this.
3.)  Clarify why Ron Huether is the Association's new webmaster when he hasn't attended any of
our Reunions in the last 15 years.  And did you notify the membership of this.  
4.)  Why wasn't Leo Williams able to do the webmaster's job since he has a MASTERS Degree.
OR -
If you can not do the above then I will reimburse the 15th Med Association of the website cost and
the prior website cost which amounts to about $350.00.   (
I keep the domain and your Association can create another 15th Med Association using  ".ORG"
and not ".COM."

Your old webmaster Murray GIbbs.
To:      ,,,,,,,,,, Fred Mc Kellar <>
Cc:                Huey Huether <>

Subject:        Transfer of Domain Requirement Request
Priority:        Normal        Date:        Tuesday, October 13, 2015 12:00 AM        Size:        27 KB
Attachments:        PAST EVENTS of.docx (25.2 KB)


Attached is a .doc I put together that lays
out many truths.  I hope this puts some clarity
to what I see.


Past President 2003-2006
15th Med Association
Murray Gibbs
Medevac 67-68
Cell: 330-565-4577
Page 2 has the "PAST

I sent this out so the
Executive Committee
Members can see
Mike Smith <>
To:                murry gibbs <>,,,,,,,,,, Fred Mc Kellar <>, Bob and Sandra
Mackenly <>
Cc:                Huey Huether <>

Subject:        RE: Transfer of Domain Requirement Request
Priority:        Normal        Date:        Tuesday, October 13, 2015 11:16 AM        Size:        7 KB

Glad you got to vent your feelings.
Leo offered to give the site a try but wisely gave it up after finding it was beyond his capable.  We
then found Ron.
So I was wrong on his date of service.
There is no advantage of me lieing about it as yes he flew with us.
Yes I admit we all have our short comings but we are a bunch of good OLD boys. I think none of
us are even still in their fifties.  Sixties Seventy even eighties. We all suffer a terminal disease it is
called death. We like to see each other before we die. And we also would like to find more of our
people. We found a lot of them through the web site via the guest book and the gallery. That is
why we are pushing to get the web site back up to at least where Sherman Breeden had it 16
years ago.
Murry all else is water under the bridge.
I apologize for my short comings and the crs that pops up from time to time.
I just want things to move forward before we are all gone. As far as the viruses you can contact
Ron and find out what program he uses to find and remove them. No hard feelings brother

Art Jacobs <>
To:                Mike Smith <>
Cc:                Mr Murray Gibbs <>, Hatch <campingout@comcast.
net>, Dave Huser <>, Leo Williams <>, Jim Calibro
<>,, Leo Williams <>,
Corky Walsh <>, Jim &amp; Holly Calibro <>, Mr Fred
McKeller <>, Bob and Sandra Mackenly <>, Huey Huether

Subject:        Re: Transfer of Domain Requirement Request
Priority:        Normal        Date:        Tuesday, October 13, 2015 1:53 PM        Size:        30 KB

EC & All Interested Parties:

Mike is correct in that we are all terminal, and that life is too short to be bickering versus focusing
on what we shared and endured so long ago in Vietnam. It saddens me deeply that we are in this
present state. I hope that calm heads and sincere hearts will overcome the situation.

Murray is correct in that he was shamefully treated after his years of dedicated service and the
countless hours he has devoted to the Association. Too much power for too long? No one
seemed to complain that Jim Calibro or Bob McKinley served in their offices in a "semi-
permanent" status...

And for ALL of those who contend that we are just a bunch of "good ole boys" who like to get
together, I COULD NOT AGREE WITH YOU MORE. If that is YOUR singular priority however,
YOU should be able to attend reunion after reunion and not be concerned about or burdened by
any "pesky” or bothersome rules.

YOUR path to freedom is clear: Stand ASIDE and let those who are serious about working and
being professional do the Association jobs and shield yourself from all the apparent headaches
you see in following agreed upon procedures.

If that is the case, simply DO NOT put your hand up to become an Association officer. An
Association officer has a duty to protect the Association’s assets, its reputation, and to work on
behalf of the entire brotherhood to make sure that reunions are organized and held, while
safeguarding the members’ money to make sure that bills are being paid, contracts reviewed,
and that there are checks and balances in place.

EVERY military veteran’s, fraternal, and community association that I have ever heard of
conducts itself by following a set of established policies and procedures as outlined in their
Constitution & By-Laws. We live in a country with a political system based upon the “rule of law”
versus the “rule of man.” And every one of those organizations recognizes Roberts Rules of
Order as the time-tested, best, and proven way to run meetings, give all members a voice, and to
follow that organization’s Constitution & By-Laws.

And, once again, for those whose “excuse or complaint” is that “we didn’t follow the rules” in
Vietnam, there are actually TWO sides to that coin. Combat is filled with tactical adjustments and
field expedients - that is the nature of war - did not you not watch the first 24 minutes of Saving
Private Ryan?

General Bruce Clark (of WW II fame) said it best, “The role of the leader in combat is to keep the
confusion from becoming disorganized.”

That means that you STILL plan - that you outline a strategy (under which are the operational
tactics) - that means that the solid foundation upon which you vary the tactics in battle to deal
with the unexpected, is a set of proven principles, policies, and procedures. That is why there is
a Code of Conduct if you are captured and become a prisoner. That is why there is a set of
General Orders for guard duty. That is why the pilot’s Dash-10 manual and the maintenance man’
s Dash-20 manual are one and two inches thick respectively - filled with proven procedures and
the science of flight. I for one think it’s great that Art Martin followed the rules in repairing our
aircraft in Vietnam.

What if every pilot made up his own way to pre-flight and start up the Huey (I’m the AC and I’ll do
it my way)!?! What if every door gunner made up their own way and set of steps to disassemble,
clean, and reassemble their M-60 (skipping some steps and rearranging the sequence of
others)? And what if some did that every night, while some only did that once a week (simply
because they say they are “experienced,” have been with the unit a “long time,” and say silly
things like “it’s my party” and I’ll do it my way)!?!

No sitting body of EC officers gets to do what they want to do because they like one thing and
not another. No short cuts. Even the EC has boundaries. They work for the members who
elected them. They bring issues and recommendations to the members to vote upon, NOT tell
the members what THEY have decided to do because they have the title.

Plain and simple: The EC screwed up by not thinking through on the Webmaster responsibilities
being hastily (and emotionally) transferred to Leo Williams, when the EC knew full well that Leo
Williams’ track record of diligence, accountability, communication, and performance were
demonstrably lacking. This is the same guy as President who went MIA and could not figure out
how to either fix his computer or simply get a new one - for months on end. And this was the guy
you handed the webmaster responsibilities to, which requires frequent hands-on work and
technical skills!?!

So, Murray (please have the courtesy to spell someone’s name correctly - it’s not Murry) is
reluctant to transfer the domain name? You could say that he’s playing hard ball or being nasty
because you wronged him. Personally, I DO NOT blame him at all. Just look at the facts:

1. The way he is being “asked” is being done in the same slipshod manner that was used to
“oust” him. Based solely on what I have seen and not seen being done, I seriously doubt that an
announced EC conference call with a quorum was held, this matter thoroughly discussed, and
conclusion was arrived at, or minutes recorded. I DO know that an EC email from the President
(with all c’d) was NOT sent to Murray at the beginning when it should have been.
2. Leo Williams was given the job in Boise and could not or would not perform. How does Murray
know this EC decision will be any different (or better) than that one?


- Where is this guy’s “credentials” or resume, including his experience or expertise with websites
for all to see?
- Has he been shown, read, and understands the Webmaster’s duties and responsibilities in the
C&BL’s? (I already know the answer.)
- Does this person do this for a living with a tax return (an LLC, LLP, Sole Proprietorship,
Chapter C, or Chapter S)?
- If so, will he be charging us a fee?
- If so, do we have an Agreement for Services or Contract written?
- Is he bonded, or does he carry liability insurance?
- If not, and is volunteering, under what circumstances will he be allowed to spend money on the
- With what limits?
- With prior written approval from the EC?
- What happens if we are not pleased with his work?
- How do we re-take control?
- Who else will keep all the passwords and keys to the kingdom?

Boise was not handled competently (or professionally for that matter). You should be pleased
that Murray is balking. He has always looked out for the Association’s best interests. Yes, we all
have a idiosyncrasies and personality quirks - even habits that may irritate. But, the real men I
know look past those to see the inner value.

Personally, I think the best way (and the right way) forward is to "push the reset button" and go
back to the way things were just prior to the Boise reunion with regard to who was fulfilling what

So Mike, if you mean what you say, then this bickering and back-stabbing can end by having
those who orchestrated the backroom coup put THEIR egos aside for the good of the
Association (and our brotherhood) and reinstate Murray.

However, if YOU only want a club instead of an Association, that is simple to accomplish as well:

- We can vote in Washington on a motion to disburse all the money (hopefully to a couple of non-
profits or charities).
- We take down the website.
- We can tear up the C&BL’s.
- We will not have to worry about elections, offices, or duties.
- We will not need a Secretary or Treasurer.
- We can communicate with each other informally / ad hoc (Facebook, emails, telephone).
- We can just make our own reservations (with no discount) and show up each year at a hotel
- We can pay as we go for any activities.
- We can meet when and where they want with those we like (and “tune out” the ones we don’t
- We can allow the 15th Med Assoc to fade into history and oblivion.

Respectfully yours,

Art Jacobs
“Medevac 21"

Strive not to be a person of success.
Strive to be a person of value.

Art Jacobs, CEO
Valkyrie Consulting Group, LLC.
1021 Falling Leaf Circle
Brentwood, Tennessee
USA 37069-6216
1.615.430.0950 mobile
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