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Sent: Monday, October 19, 2015 12:29 PM
To: Ron Huether
Cc: Corky Walsh; Mike Smith; Velma Smith; Larry Hatch; Val Huaser; Jim Calibro; Bob and
Sandra Mackenly; fred mckeller; Leo Williams; Huey Huether

Subject: 15th Med

Morning Ron

The EC committee has Voted on the
Dot Org.  If Murry hasnt sent you the password by now. Please send us the costs of start-up
maintenance ect.if any.
I have looked at the dot org and like it very much.
Also we need to add a registration form that is down loadable.  
We would also like a guest book to see how much activity we get..

Thanks soooo much like I said earlier you are a god sent for us

Mike Smith <>
To:                murry gibbs <>
Cc:                Corky Walsh <>, Mike Smith
<>, Velma Smith <>, Larry Hatch
<>, Val Huaser <>, Jim Calibro
<>, Bob and Sandra Mackenly <>, fred mckeller
<>, Leo Williams <>, Huey Huether

Subject:        RE: Fwd: 15th Med
Priority:        Normal        Date:        Tuesday, October 20, 2015 6:58 PM        Size:        11 KB

Please give Ron the pass word and account number as the EC and I have requested and we
all can wash our hands in water that has passed under the bridge. There has already been
to Many Hard feelings. And best of all all of us can forget all about this matter.
The other site is all set up but we would like to glean some of the things. Some of the old site
that Sherman started and would have liked.
To:                Mike Smith <>
Cc:                fred mckeller <>, Corky Walsh <>, Leo
Williams <>, Larry Hatch <>, Mike Smith
<>, Bob and Sandra Mackenly <>, Velma Smith
<>, Jim Calibro <>, Huey Huether <>, Val
Huaser <>

Subject:        RE: Fwd: 15th Med
Priority:        Normal        Date:        Thursday, October 22, 2015 11:59 PM        Size:        39 KB
Attachments:        WaterUnderTheBridge.docx (34.2 KB)


You remind me of the Movie call Rapid Fire.  All you want to do it get it over
with out facing the truths.

I attached a quick document.


Past President 2003-2006
15th Med Association
Murray Gibbs
Medevac 67-68
Cell: 330-565-4577
                                                    Water Under The Bridge


There is a lot of water that has gone under the bridge and to wash out of it is a big mistake.  Why!  
Because nobody is seeing the logic that Art and I are presenting.
Website History -  When I was President I had to take over the MSN website when this Lady who
was managing it made me Assistant Manager.  I improve it and learn a lot from getting to the
necessary required communication with it.  I found out the Larry Ash and Mike Smith were the
2008, this hosting of that type of website was going to be migrated to another type of hosting.  I
could not do it because I was not a Manager.  So I contacted Larry and he forgot his password,
maybe because he was under so much medication.  Contacted Mike and he had forgot and was
not under medication.  I could make a comment but I will save them for later.  
2006 I took over Larry Ash's website due to his condition.  He gave me that password and I
download all the Yahoo files to my computer.  2008 the website crashed because Larry Ash
stopped paying for his email address and website.  I got it back up in about 1 month.  The hard
part was sorting thru all the files on the root folder about 800 plus.  It took a while to put the right
items in their own sub folders.  I continued to improve the website with no training from anyone.  
The Mess - Mike you made a statement saying you didn't create the current mess that you are in,
but inherited it.  Well, let me set you straight.  Note: at the point in time while you were Reunion
Chairman and didn't follow the C&BLs,  YOU created the mess.  Not only you but Leo Williams the
current President didn't do anything to resolve this.  Leo as President should have made sure that
all Officers were following their Job Descriptions as it is spelled out in the C&BLs.  Both Leo
Williams and Dave Huser told me over the phone, don't worry about the C&BLs.  You basically
said the same thing by saying you were a charter member, past President and have done a
Reunion before.  You ignore Art and I when we confronted you about following the C&BLs.  
All the things that happened during the Reunion was not of Art's or my doing.  It was yours and
Leo's.  Then you had the misfortune to inherit what you and Leo caused.  That was to trash the
C&BLs.  I could get into more detail, but why should I when you know what they are.
You and Leo had the membership vote that all appointed members to not have a vote.  Trashing
our C&BLs to get a vote across as according to another Association is not the way to do business.  
If you read the Newsletter from FEB 2015 you will read the method to present an amendment.  
Job Descriptions - They are written into the C&BLs for a reason because all organizations need
structure.  I will explain Job Description.

These flow downward.
1.  Duties and Responsibilities.
2.  Rights and Powers to execute number 1.
This flows upward.
3.  Accountability, to the C&BLs, the Association and the membership.

If one understands this they would not have failed like you did Mike.  I can remember in an email
you sent to me  saying "are you calling me a LIAR."  My reply was I am not calling you a LIAR,
FACEBOOK is.  I just laid out the PROOF.  The dirty water is starting to accumulate.
The word ASSHOLE - You called Art an asshole in one of your emails.  I can take that 2 ways.
1.  Get mad at your language and come back at you in the same manner.  Now that would be
bringing me down to a lower level.
2.  I can take that as a compliment and I will tell you why.  The only way you can see asshole/s is
by looking up at the intelligent guys above you.  You only see their Assholes and when they
defecate hopefully you are smart enough to move out of the way.
Change - Last week you said in a email that if I don't transfer the DOMAIN to Huey Production that
you were going to start another website.  Let me tell you one thing.  I just don't wash my hands of
my position and neither does Art.  
Now my Requirements has gone up one level.  I will tell you why.  I made a mistake when I
thought the website was corrupted.  Well, I thought my computer was hacked and it wasn't.   My
Router was hacked because it would not let me view the website or use FTP program.  I bypassed
the Router and I now can view the website along with using the FTP program.
My Requirements are 1.  Transparency which you have completed.  2. The information about
those 6 viruses.  3.  Why did my router get hacked and who plans to correct that.  There are not
very many individuals in the 15th Med Association who could do this except me and another
person.  Let me explain that one.  Once you know my IP address then you type in the Router
address.  The Router also has a n IP Address.  Once in the Router all one has to do is enter an IP
address to block.  Well, that would be the 15th Med Assn. IP address and port # that was
entered.   Not a good idea when you want the domain transferred.
Next, answer Art's 4 questions.  He did say a 2nd grader could answer them, haven't you gotten
past 1st?

Now you see why I will not give in because you have a high disregard for the C&BLs.  You get rid
of you most valuable resources by throwing Art under the BUS and DEHIRING me. Now you find
yourself in a mess that you created and inherited.  Leo has not come to your defense to top things

When you are President you prioritize  your goals and objectives.  You main objective should be
all your Officers following their Job Descriptions in the C&BLs.  Every EC Member should be a
gatekeeper to insure the C&BLs are followed.  Can't you see that the real issue is the C&BLs
being followed and not my way concept or Domain transfer.  You want me to wash my hands.  I
am clear.

The best way for you and the EC to honor the 15th Med Association and your exited Webmaster is
1.        Mike, you and the EC put together a goal of domain transfer.
2.        The planning the goal should consist of a rhyme and reason with clarity and understanding.
3.        Be transparent when communicating to me by email that everyone else is copied in on the
email so I know what to expect.
4.        I would also recommend that you inform the membership of this request of transfer with all
the necessary details.  
5.        If any barriers come up focus on them to be removed and in this case it is those 6 viruses.  
Plus now is that my computer was hacked to modify my Router.  

I know you guys have already painted a negative picture of me.  You had a hidden agenda at the
Reunion.  When I look at what happened at the EC Meeting I picture 2nd Corinthians, Chapter 11,
verse 13 is at work and side tracking Jim Calibro and Corky Walsh.  They are my Brothers.  Corky
taught me how to be a good door gunner.   Jim was a good door gunner until he left VN.  My
concern is not against them.  

You have a lot of work to do.  The reason I get on the computer for a short while is to answer my
emails because I am MOVING.  That takes a lot out of one when you have a lot to move.

I am standing on the BRIDGE.  
Document to the Executive
Committee, Water Under the
mvandco <>
To:                Corky Walsh <>, Mike Smith <Michael.Smith35205a@va.
gov>, Velma Smith <>, Larry Hatch <>, Val Huaser
<>, Jim Calibro <>, Bob and Sandra Mackenly
<>, fred mckeller <>, Leo Williams <airbandit68@gmail.
com>, Huey Huether <>, murry gibbs <>

Subject:        Fwd: 15th Med QUESTIONS - ANSWERS
Priority:        Normal        Date:        Friday, October 23, 2015 1:33 PM        Size:        14 KB

I am invoking page 15 section G line 5
Of Art's and your C&BL's  as per discussion with the EC.
-You have till high noon tomorrow-!
As they say in my movies

On October 24 2015
I will ask by e-mail vote of the EC to invoke page ten section 6 line A

No one wants to do this.
Some time you reach the end to just start over.
Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone
-------- Original message --------
From: Velma Smith <>
Date:10/23/2015 9:45 AM (GMT-07:00)
Subject: 15th Med QUESTIONS - ANSWERS

Mike, after reading Murry last e-mail I have copy and pasted Art's 4 questions and Murry
requirements. Maybe send this on to the EC, then after Ron answers the last question and Jim
agrees to send Art the requested information, you can forward it on to Murry and Art. Velma


1. Are you saying that absolutely NO ONE on the EC saved ANY emails that had to do with
Assoc business this year? Are you saying that the person who supposedly sent in the written
proposal for an amendment to the C&BL’s sixty (60) days in advance also deleted his email (or
is embarrassed to claim authorship of an important amendment)? Are you saying that the
proposed amendment was never written down? Are you saying that the Secretary did not write
down the proposed amendment wording, or has no record of who made the motion and who
seconded that motion?

2. Are you saying that there was no advance agenda for the EC meeting (email or printed out),
or that there was, but EVERYONE conveniently deleted it or threw it away?

(I could just ask Murray if he received an agenda for the EC meeting in advance, but we BOTH
know what his answer will be.)

3. Are you saying that there are no EC minutes from the “supposed” meeting after the reunion
on going outside with a new webmaster (important Assoc business taken on by the EC)?

4. Are you saying that the proposed business arrangement with the new webmaster has not
been written down or detailed in any manner? Are you saying that you and the EC see no
obligation to keep records for the Assoc administrations to follow?

Art to answer your questions.
1. Jim will you please copy and mail Art the agenda and minutes from the EC meeting in Boise.
2. No we received the agenda for the meeting at the start of the EC meeting.
3. The EC was forced to go out side for a new webmaster because Murry did not except the
position. During the General meeting Jim Victor suggested Jimmy Ong, After the reunion I
contacted Jimmy  and he said he did not know any thing about be a web master. After talking
over the phone Leo ask me to send him the flash drive Murry had given me at the reunion. Leo
called me and said he had found a person who could take over the web site Ron "baby Hey"
This seem like a great idea to me.
4. No we have not done a proposed business arrangement with Ron, He has volunteered, no
cost to the association and knows what he is doing.  

My Requirements are 1.  Transparency which you have completed.  2. The information about
those 6 viruses.  3.  Why did my router get hacked and who plans to correct that.  

Regarding from Murry,
Ron do you know anything about the 6 viruses and the router getting hacked?
Ron (HUEY) Huether <>
To:                'mvandco' <>, 'Corky Walsh' <>, 'Mike
Smith' <>, 'Velma Smith' <>, 'Larry Hatch'
<>, 'Val Huaser' <>, 'Jim Calibro'
<>, 'Bob and Sandra Mackenly' <>, 'fred mckeller'
<>, 'Leo Williams' <>, 'murry gibbs'

Subject:        RE: 15th Med QUESTIONS - ANSWERS
Priority:        Normal        Date:        Friday, October 23, 2015 2:03 PM        Size:        22 KB

About viruses - I have software that will capture a full site. I use this to download a copy of
contested sites before they can be deleted. When that software was downloading the 15th Med
Bn Association site, my Business Avast Anti-virus found and quarantined seven (as I recall it
was seven) viruses. All ya'll now know as much as I do about the viruses. I only mentioned it in
passing and didn't mean to make a big deal of it because I now have an clean archived copy of
the old site. Hope that answers everyone's question.

Webmaster business arrangement - I go by Section 3 G of the by-laws.

Huey Huether
Medevac2    1970-71
"I'd give back all the medals to have saved just one more life."
To:                fred mckeller <>, Corky Walsh <>, Leo
Williams <>, Larry Hatch <>, Mike Smith
<>, Bob and Sandra Mackenly <>, mvandco
<>, Velma Smith <>, Jim Calibro <>, Huey
Huether <>, Val Huaser <>

Subject:        Re: Fwd: 15th Med QUESTIONS - ANSWERS
Priority:        Normal        Date:        Friday, October 23, 2015 11:13 PM        Size:        7 KB


Now, you using the C&BLs on me and you ignored them when I invoked them on you
continuously during 2014.

Your excuse and justified replay was "I am a Charter member, I was a past
President and I have done a
reunion before."  If you want me to post your email to that effect I will.  You
are not clean and now you
want to throw the C&BLs at me.  

I have every email sent and received from 2008 regarding the 15th Med
Association affairs.

You are the one who mentioned the 6 viruses on that thumb I gave you.  

Who told you there was 6 viruses and if there were why was not I informed
immediately to correct
any issues that might occur on my computer and the website?  

Why, can I browse any website on the internet and I exclusively can not browse
the 15th Med Association or use my
File Transfer Protocol from my computer?  There are a few ways once you get
inside my computer then router to block me.

I am wondering who put a block on the port or IP address to the website of the
15th Med.  I was a gaming clan leader and learned all
about IP addresses and ports used for different games. I learn about hacks and
hackers along with how direct x works.  
I studied TCP/IP and other relative stuff about the internet. I am not the best,
but I know enough.

I can't believe you are asking Ron about 6 viruses you seem to believe they do
not exist.  Hacking into a computer or router has to be Greek to
you mike.  Trashing the C&BLs in not Greek to you and now you want to use it.

It is like a guy who causes a lot of trouble that backfires in his face and now
he needs the police to protect him when he
should be arrested.   

Somebody knows the truth on you end and will deny any accusations.  I have IP
addresses.  So, do you thing.

At this point I don't care what you do or what you think.  You can kick me out
of the Association.  So, throw the C&BLs at me.  You are nothing
but a hypocrite and you cares less about the C&BLs until now.  I don't want to
deal with a person who can't see the errors of their ways and who
convinces others that you are just and right.  BOO!


Past President 2003-2006
15th Med Association
Murray Gibbs
Medevac 67-68
Cell: 330-565-4577
Art Jacobs <>
To:                Mr Murray Gibbs <>
Cc:                Mr Fred McKeller <>, Corky Walsh <>, Leo
Williams <>, Larry Hatch <>, Mike Smith <Michael.>, Bob and Sandra Mackenly <>, mvandco
<>, Velma Smith <>, Jim Calibro <>, Huey
Huether <>, Val Huaser <>

Subject:        Re: 15th Med QUESTIONS - ANSWERS
Priority:        Normal        Date:        Sunday, October 25, 2015 5:15 PM        Size:        38 KB

Mr. Smith:

Last year, as a Past President on the EC, in making sure that procedures were being followed, I
questioned you about the hotel contract  being reviewed for Boise. It was not just a legitimate
request, but my duty as an EC member (especially considering the Randy Brewer debacle in Biloxi).

It had nothing to do with your tenure in the Association or your experience in hosting reunions (the
previous Boise reunion went well). It did, however, have everything to do with the principle of "three
heads are better than one" (the President and Treasurer should review). This procedure is clearly
spelled out in the C&BL’s. With an entire year to plan, there is adequate time to accomplish this
simple and prudent task.

That’s where you and I got sideways - me doing my duty and performing due diligence as an EC
member, and for whatever reason, you taking it as some kind of personal affront or challenge.

Now, to the present: I find it both odd and ironic that you are now citing and threatening to invoke
articles, sections, and paragraphs from the C&BL’s to expel Murray Gibbs from the Association,
when you refused to follow them to review the Boise hotel contract, and the amendment to the same
C&BL’s to take the vote away from Murray on the EC.

But, it only proves my point in terms of how you operate (your M.O.), if the rules and procedures suit
you, your style, and your agenda, they are used. If not, you do what you want to as an expedient.

And, the question remains concerning your reading comprehension: Below, you direct Jim Calibro to
answer my Question 1 by ONLY supplying me with the minutes from the EC meeting in Boise. I am
confident that Jim took good notes and duly published the minutes, he always has…

Question 1: I clearly asked for the dated written amendment proposal to change the C&BL’s
concerning Murray’s vote that should have been submitted sixty (60) days in advance. One must
assume that you either don’t understand the English language, or, you have decided yet again to
ignore this simple and legitimate member request.

Question 2: Additionally, I asked to see the "pre-published" agenda for the EC meeting that all EC
members received when they arrived in Nashville and arrived in Sacramento. This is done in
professional associations so that the members know what is on the agenda and can properly
prepare. For Murray, an EC member, to have first heard about this DURING the meeting is an act
without professional courtesy, and without class.

You merely say, “No, we received the agenda for the meeting at the start of the EC meeting"

In your defense, both Questions 1 and 2 were the responsibility of Leo Williams, the Association
President up until the gavel was passed to you. Leo should have been following the C&BL’s reading
any proposed amendment.

You both have a tendency however, to casually throw out the words “brother” and “brotherhood”
when you email or speak. Here’s a question for the both of you: What kind of “brother" would allow
another “brother" to be ambushed at the EC meeting - only hearing about the move to take away his
vote when it happened in real time?

You cannot tell me that a couple of you did not discuss this move off-line in advance and behind
Murray’s back. Brothers do not back-stab and plot against each other. You both are hypocrites
when you use the word brother.

I have NEVER questioned whether a motion like that can be made, seconded, discussed, and voted
upon in the annual business meeting - if the procedures are followed and the requisite number of
votes are there, the C&BL’s change. It is a democracy following the “rule of law."

What I do question, and any responsible member should, are your methods, which were in violation
of the C&BL’s, and, I might add, in this case, underhanded.

Question 3: You say the EC was “forced” to go outside. I say that you found yourself in a “panic
mode” because for just about six (6) entire months (the time from the reunion until this mess really
boiled over a few weeks ago), you neglected your duties to effect a smooth transition with the
website beginning at the reunion. Face that simple fact, for just about half of your tenure as
President, you have allowed, and I would say even incited and aggravated this situation into what it
is today.

You either failed to recognize Leo Wiiliams’ lack of expertise in managing a website when he was
appointed or volunteered, failed to keep a close eye of the management of the website beginning
the end of April, and / or allowed this mess to fester for another four months until you resorted to
panic, emotion, obscenities, accusations, and once more, a half-baked plan.

Question 4: This has nothing to do with Ron’s expertise, qualifications, volunteer status, or whether
or not he will charge the Association any money. BUT, it has everything to do with proper
expectations being set, for example (just to cite two):

- What does the EC want improved, changed, or done differently with the new website (spelled out
in writing in advance)?
- Where will the credentials, passwords, etc. reside or be held in escrow or with the President of the
Association as a safeguard? *

* You are upset at Murray for not sending you key information. What’s to say that it will not happen
again? I’m sure no one anticipated this happening with Murray years ago. A responsible President
(and EC) would insure that there is a provision in either a written agreement (or even in the C&BL’s)
that constitutes an “exit strategy” if something disappointing should happen in the future. It is the
responsibility of the current EC (with you as the President) that the arrangement be memorialized
and retained so that an Association EC, even years from now, would know what they have, and how
to deal with it if the situation warrants.

(Just ask Ron the mess that can happen if he doesn’t know where the source code is, or there is no
software documentation.)

Your email does not come close to adequately answering my four simple questions. But, that
shortfall and avoidance on your part has been in stark and irrefutable evidence for weeks.

And, you claimed along the way that as the President, that you deleted emails and meeting notes
that have to do with the important business of the Association, for which you have been entrusted,
is an insult to anyone’s intelligence at best, and officially malfeasance (yeah, go look it up) at worst.

And, on top of all of this, I see now that your wife (a non-association member) has somehow been
copied in on internal association business! That is astoundingly indiscrete! Of course, no one is
barred from telling their spouse about what is going on, or even showing them emails. But, to openly
include them on an email string is highly unprofessional.

I have included her, because if she has been inserted into this fiasco, she deserves responsible

(If you did that, and in all fairness I do not know that you did, it would be one more example of you
believing that the only rules that apply to you are the ones that you like or find convenient.)

I do not anticipate that you will be any more forthcoming in answer to this email than you have been
to date, but I did want to go on record with the facts on the matter.

Mike, I sincerely hope that one day we will be all past this. Reconciliation however, always starts
with admitting mistakes.

My business has been reasonable successful, and I know the primary reason: I hire smart guys who
question me.

I have something for you…

I have a test for myself each evening before I go to bed. I have five questions taped to my bathroom

1. Did I live the day true to principles?
2. Did I make the right choices?
3. Did I try my hardest?
4. Did I learn something new?
5. Did I help someone?

I’m not saying that I pass the test every day. But, I am telling you that I TAKE the test every day!

Just as fatigued as you are with this ongoing soap opera…


Strive not to be a person of success.
Strive to be a person of value.

Art Jacobs, CEO
Valkyrie Consulting Group, LLC.
1021 Falling Leaf Circle
Brentwood, Tennessee
USA 37069-6216
1.615.430.0950 mobile
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