Old Webmaster Suspended
Prior to 2015 Reunion Events
2015 Reunion Emails, Events & Letters
Website Domain Transfer Emails
Summary of Prior - This is a collections of events & emails that shows how Reunion Chairman Mike Smith did not follow the
PROTOCOL of the C&BLs.  Mike was confronted by Parliamentarian Art Jocabs and Webmaster Murray Gibbs about this.  Mike just
justified his method with excuses and legacy.  President Leo Williams also violated the C&BLs and was mostly absent during his term
as President.  A good President would also have confronted his Vice President/Reunion Chairman about his non compliance.
There are several pages of events and emails you can view that proves the violations.
Summary of Reunion Emails, Events & Letters - The emails started with Art Jacobs sending an update page of 9 items prior to the
2015 Reunion.  There was also an exchange of emails regarding dress code for the Banquet Dinner and other emails.  Then there are
the major events of the 2015 Reunion, Executive Meeting, Annual Business Meeting and Dinner Banquet.  

After the 2015 Reunion and the controversy events that happened there were a lot of email exchanges.  They are very noteworthy with
input from other members point of views.  Old Webmaster Murray GIbbs put out an email calling it a "
Railroad Job."  Art Jacobs put out
an email calling it "
What you Did."  From what happened during the 2015 Reunion a story that parallels the event was posted on the
website called "
An Aviation Story."  It is under "Other Items" at the bottom of the pull down menu.  
Summary of Domain Transfer: There are 12 pages of emails on long pages.  The process of contacting me the old webmaster was
done backwards.  I mean the new webmaster should not have contacted me first requesting the DOMAIN name to be transferred to him.  
The Executive Committee did not inform me of this.  The President Mike Smith should have sent me an email with his plans of goal and
objectives with rhyme and reason and clarity of understanding with all concern EC Members written in.  He didn't do that.  Thus, there
was an exchange of emails about the new webmaster and requirements of DOMAIN name transfer.  Trying to get answers from current
President Mike Smith was like hitting a block wall.  My requirements were 1. Transparency, 2. Information about the so call claim of
VIRUSES on the thumb drive I gave Mike Smith at the Annual Business Meeting of the Reunion.  Art Jacobs became involved when Leo
Williams called Art to get me to transfer the DOMAIN name to the new webmaster.  Leo is afraid to email or call me.  Mike Smith sent
me an email with zero plans to transfer.  Art called me about Leo calling him.  Below are 2 Letters I sent to the Executive Committee.
Well, from the above there are long lists of emails that I have posted on the website as part of my rebuttal to the EC suspending me.  
Please take the time to read all the emails.  You will see the high disregard for our Consititution & Bylaws.

Please hit the Reply to Suspension.